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Does your business utilize floral services? Have you ever wondered what benefit a florist could provide to you? Flowers speak volumes and they can be a great asset to many aspects of your business.

Business Handshake

Employee Relations
Need a way to say thank you to your employees for all the hard work they’ve put in? Say it with flowers! Many different occasions are fitting for flowers, ranging from celebrations of newborns and birthdays to comforting employees when they lose loved ones, even if the funeral is out of town.  When an employee completes a large project or gains the status of “Employee of the Month or Year,” flowers are a perfect way to thank them, celebrate their accomplishment and brighten up their office with a vase full of color!

Birthday Cake Flowers

Client Relations
Are you having trouble closing that big deal? Did you make a mistake that you need to remedy? Use flowers to help solve your problem. A delivered floral arrangement goes a long way towards building and maintaining relationships with clients. Sending flowers to a wavering customer can help to put them at ease and show you care about them on a personal level, potentially sealing the deal on an important purchase.

 Teleflora's Make a Wish

When you fall short of expectations, this can sometimes diminish the relationship you’ve built over days and years. Many people send flowers to help repair personal relationships, so why not follow the trend to use them to help fix business relationships? Flowers sent with a personal note can easily show the depth and truth behind your apology.

Teleflora's Basket of Light

Is your company missing an important event? You truly can be there in some capacity just by sending a gift with a note that expresses your sentiment in your absence. Sometimes, this can actually be a useful gift for the event itself. A centerpiece for the food table or head table, perhaps? How about a basket of goodies for the attendees of a smaller event? The possibilities are endless.

Teleflora's Zen Artistry

Teleflora's Chocolate Lover's Basket

Forming a partnership with your local florist can help you build positive relationships with employees and clients both, and even help to network when you are unable to attend events. North Raleigh Florist already manages multiple corporate accounts and has many business-centered flower solutions. Give us a call at 919-847-3381 and we’ll be happy to help you craft a plan to strengthen your business with flowers.


Guys, let’s admit it: most of us don’t have a clue what we are doing when it comes to ordering flowers. We might have that tried and true arrangement that we feel comfortable buying over and over again (did I hear a dozen red roses?). While our counterparts appreciate receiving fresh flowers however they come, let’s face the fact that most of them would have more appreciation if we mixed it up a bit.Image

 After a quick survey of the ladies I work with, the ladies in my family and important ladies in my life, it is apparent that many of them would enjoy something other than red roses. Our relationships and friendships call for attention to the needs and wants of other, and flowers are a fantastic way to show how well we care and pay attention. As a man myself, I’ve experienced how painful it can be to try to come up with a creative way to express my love, gratitude and feelings through flowers.



Have no fear! North Raleigh Florist is here to help you express yourself. Our designers have the creative ability to make one-of-a-kind flower arrangements that say exactly what you need them to say. Before you call though, here are a few questions that can really go a long way in helping us figure out how to meet your need.


  1. What sort of occasion are you representing with these flowers? Are they Anniversary flowers? Thank you flowers? Birthday flowers? Flowers for a first date? What about flowers to celebrate someone’s accomplishments?


  1. Who is your recipient? How close are you to this person? If you’re dating, how long has it been?


  1. Does the recipient have a favorite flower? Do they have a favorite color of flower? Is there a flower that holds special significance to them?


  1. What kind of space will this arrangement be going in? Is the recipient a receptionist with little desk space? Does she need a shorter arrangement that she can see over, or would she rather have a large arrangement that is visible in a large office? Does she need something that can be easily transported in a car?


If you can find answers to these questions, you can help us to design effectively and appropriately. Help us give your recipient an arrangement that captures your feelings and thoughts! Even if you lack flower expertise, by sharing these simple details, you will be helping us perfect the design.


If you aren’t comfortable with giving our designers free reign, check out our online selection at If you are sold on the idea that roses are the flower for you, ask about our current color selection. Roses come in many exciting colors, especially if you give us a day or two to order them from our wholesalers. Regardless of your desires, we are here and ready to help you!


Gentlemen, we know we care about the special people in our lives. Let’s make sure they understand just how much we care. Let’s order flowers that get our point across appropriately, and let’s explore all of the beautiful options that cut flowers have to offer.

The North Raleigh Florist Store Front

A Professional Florist has had extensive training and certification in design and horticulture and stays current on various aspects of flower and plant care, color, texture and design trends. In addition, designers are aware of new and improved products to extend the vase life of flowers, Continuing education is important and an absolute MUST if you are to be a Professional Florist.


So why use a Professional Florist? The Professional Florist can ease your mind on your special day. Many problems can arise when you “Do It Yourself”.  Think about this: Three hours before your wedding is to begin, the altar piece your mother made which was lovely two hours ago is now drooping and looking about three days old. What are you to do?  The rush and panic is not necessary, so why even chance it?. Remove the risk factor and call a professional. Florists carry special products that will help extend the life of your flowers and have the proper cooler storage for all of your unique and special blooms so that they will last through out your wedding day.

Professional Florists are creative people. We love new trends and we find the best ways to make your wedding special for you and unique for your guests. Our experience and training in design and delivery makes your wedding day painless with no need for you, your family or your friends to worry about your flowers so you can all enjoy your day together. We set up everything at just the right time and there is nothing more important to us than making sure your flowers get to your wedding with no glitches.

Storing bouquets in our cooler

The subject of Home garden-grown flowers vs. professional farm-grown flowers is another blog that we will post in the future but for reference now there are many differences in the two.  Garden-grown flowers are often not given the care they need to survive long periods of time in all kinds of weather. Some of the most important points to mention is the hydration, storage and “hardening-off” process that is required for all flowers to perform their best. North Raleigh Florist buys flowers from professional farms and wholesalers who maintain the highest standards of growing, processing, storage and shipping fresh product. Our large network allows us to obtain safely many varieties not normally available in certain seasons. Our experience has taught us which varieties to not attempt during certain seasons as well as those out of season blooms we CAN promise for your special day.

Designing a gerber centerpiece

Cascade Bouquet







Did you know that churches and venues have certain rules and guide lines that must be followed when it comes to flowers and other rental items. We keep updated copies of rules and regulations of churches and venues so we know what we can sell to you and what we can’t.

Altar Piece

Call North Raleigh Florist and let us take care of your special day. Already have a Professional Florist? Please call THEM and let them do what they do best! You’ll be glad you did.

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Have you ever wondered where the saying “Tying the Knot” came from? At North Raleigh Florist we love sharing traditions and where they came from. “Tying the Knot” in many cultures, came from literally tying the bride and groom together to show their commitment and bond in life and in marriage.

Tying the Knot

The great tradition of the toss bouquet didn’t actually start with flowers. It was said that on a bride’s wedding day she was especially lucky so guests would tear at her dress to get a souvenir of good luck to take home. In later times, the bride would toss her bouquet to prevent party goers from taking pieces of her dress. The toss bouquet became a symbol of good look that has come to mean, that whom ever catches the bouquet will be the next to marry.

Catching of the Toss Bouquet

Do you know why groom’s wear a boutonniere? In Medieval times a knight would wear a flower in his Lady’s family crest color as a statement of his love.

Purple Calla Bout

Why do we carry flowers on our wedding day? Where did that tradition come from? Ancient Romans, Europeans and many others carried or wore flowers to ward off evil spirits, bad luck and ill health. Garlic and chives were also popular for the same reasons.

Wedding Bouquet

The superstition of the Bride wearing something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue originated in Europe and symbolized warding off evil spirits. Something Old: Symbolic of the sense of community while making the transition from a single person to that of a married couple. Something New: symbolizes that a marriage represented a transition in adulthood. Something Borrowed: Popular belief that by borrowing something from a happily married couple, good fortune would follow the newlyweds. Something Blue: In ancient Israel, blue was the border color for the Bride’s dress, symbolizing purity, constancy and fidelity .

Although we now know that there is no vein that leads from your ring finger straight to your heart, ancient Egyptians believed that this was true and named it “The Vein of Love”, so putting the ring on this finger to them was a sign of love. In ceremonies in 17th century Europe, the groom would slide the ring part way down the brides thumb, index and middle fingers to symbolize: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. The ring was then placed on the ring finger since it was the first free finger to use .

Wedding Rings

There are so many great traditions and customs that there is no way we could tell them all. Here at North Raleigh Florist traditions are an important part of each of our weddings. Please share with us your family and cultural traditions; comment on our blog, post on facebook, send us a tweet or write us an e-mail we would love to hear from you.




Pomander Ball In Hot Pink

For many brides, tradition is a necessary aspect of the wedding experience. Take the wedding dress for example. As a symbol of purity and beauty, this tradition can be displayed in the most conservative of manners or be adapted to fit the unique style of the more outgoing bride. The same concept is carried over into decisions about the bride’s personal flowers.

As the desire to be different escalates with each coming year, the question of the Pomander vs. Traditional Bouquet is being asked more often than before. Here at North Raleigh Florist, our brides are finding that.

Flower Girl Pomander Ball

Bridesmaid Pomander Balls


The Pomander can have a more elegant feel and can also be a nice addition to a garden wedding. Also, brides enjoy the extra accessories available with the Pomander from custom handles to multiple colored ribbons. The best part about them is that they are versatile and can be re-used at the reception for centerpieces over a glass vase, hanging along the head table, or hanging from an arbor… the list goes on. We enjoy finding ways for our brides to stretch their budget wherever they can and still achieve the look and feel that is true to their style.  Here are just a few of the many possibilities for these unique designs.

Pomander Balls On Vases

Pomander Balls on Shepherd Hooks

Aisle Marker Pomander Balls

Your wedding consultant at North Raleigh Florist can help you decide if the Pomander is the right choice for your wedding venue. Let us help you express your unique style for your big day.



Summer time is here.  It’s a great time for pool parties and cook-outs. Whether it’s your own party or someone else, North Raleigh Florist has the perfect floral gift for all your summer party needs.

Having a barbecue in the near future? Looking for a great gift for the host but not sure what to get? Try our Barbecue Basket.

"Barbecue Basket"

Barbecue Basket

Pool parties are fun, but what’s a good thank you gift? Let North Raleigh Florist design a gift basket with a beach towel, sunscreen, floaties, or pool accessories. Beach-themed arrangements are fun too!  Ask us about  using sand, pails, shovels, sea shells, and other fun items to incorporate in your party arrangements.

"Carolina Beaches"

Carolina Beaches

Heading to Margaritaville? Check out gift baskets with Margarita glasses and mix with some tropical bites and blooms. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser and it’s great for birthdays too!

"Midsummer Mock-a-rita"

Midsummer Mock-a-rita

At North Raleigh Florist, we’ve got plenty of great ideas for all your summer needs. Visit our website today at or call us toll free at 800-447-5435.

Wither you are entertaining a group of 30 or a group of 10, North Raleigh Florist  has the right tips for proper etiquette for your party or event.

When hosting a special event remember to be conscientious of who is attending your event and what special needs they might have, like allergies. When planning centerpieces for your dinning tables try to stay away from flowers that have a potent fragrance. Lilies, Stock, Freesia and Gardenias are all examples of flowers that are high in fragrance and if used it is best to use in small amounts. Great flowers for a main table centerpiece include: hydrangeas, calla lilies, carns and roses. These types of flowers don’t have a strong fragrance  and look beautiful in the middle of any table.

If using fragrant flowers, try to use them in areas of your house like guest bathrooms or foyers. Remember not to use too many, using too many can be very overpowering. Try great ideas like floating flowers in bubble bowls or cubes filled with river rock or marbles. Not only is this inexpensive but it also adds class and elegance to any space and gives it a nice touch of aroma.

The staff  at North Raleigh Florist have a wide variety of great ideas that can help make your event spectacular. Give us a call today and let us help you plan the perfect party.

            There are many wedding customs and traditions that we all can associate with. The most familiar; something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. North Raleigh Florist would like to share some other traditions from around the world:

                       In Greek traditions, brides often carry Ivy to                                             symbolize never ending love for their spouse.          In countries during the Victorian Era, roses became popular as they symbolize true love.

Also, in Victorian Eras, the bride originally tossed her bouquet to a friend as she left to keep her friend safe and offer her luck. Nowadays, the single woman who catches the toss bouquet is said to be the next in line to marry. Most brides will use a smaller version of their bouquet as the toss bouquet.

In Middle Eastern Traditions, a bitter herb called Artemisia is incorporated into the bouquet to ensure that the marriage survives bitterness. Herbs are also very popular in Swedish and Danish cultures as well.

In Indian traditions, the groom’s brothers sprinkle flower petals over the couple at the end of the ceremony to protect them from evil.

There are many traditions all over the world, from ancient times to present day. Find out what your family traditions may be, cultural traditions and customs are, and incorporate them into your wedding. The designers at North Raleigh Florist love hearing your ideas and coming up with ways to add them to your wedding flowers.

North Raleigh Florist    

Due to the rich traditions and culture of the south, “southern” has become a style of food, dance, music, fashion, and even weddings. Southern brides want their weddings to express their personalities and interests, but are highly paradoxical. Southern weddings need to be like a southern girl…

Free spirited yet classy

Colorful yet coordinated

Down to earth yet memorable

Don’t worry, we get it.

The best way to incorporate the southern style is with details such as


Detailed bouquet wraps

Filler flower

Cake flowers

If you plan on hosting a southern style wedding consider using flowers your guests are familiar with. Anything you see in gardens around the area such as daisies, peonies, hydrangeas, and roses will create the feeling of a southern garden. Always use colors and details to your advantage in order to create a wedding that is uniquely yours.

Prom is the biggest event of the year, for some it is the last dance of their high school career and it is a time to share special moments and memories with friends. Prom is the one night that it’s ok to go all out wearing flashy dresses, jewelry and flowers. Newer trends in dresses and floral designs are at an all time high with floral pattern dresses, watercolor dresses, dramatic ball gowns, high and low hemline dresses, rhinestone in crested flowers, sequins, contemporary form design and so much more. That’s just the way we like it, with so many options everyone can be different. North Raleigh Florist’s award winning designers are exceptional in making contemporary and traditional pieces for your special night.

Orchid Corsage

Big color trends for 2011 are going to be bright bursting colors. Brilliant oranges, hot pinks, lime greens, electric blues and deep purples are this season’s hottest colors. There are many different flower choices from dendrobium and cymbidium orchids, to delphinium, hypericum berries, callas and spray roses.

Green Button Bout. with Blue Design Wire

Bling, bling and more bling are sparkling their way into our designs. Adding chunky and bold pieces into your corsage or floral pieces is the new bold trend. Rhinestones and pearls are a MUST accessory in a floral piece this year. For those who don’t want rhinestones or pearls, incorporate some shimmer by adding glitter.

Hair pieces, arm cuffs, head bands, necklaces and rings are also new alternatives to the standard wrist corsage. With these diverse pieces it is possible to achieve a different look than any other person while still being price conscious. Girls, come to North Raleigh Florist to handpick your bling, sparkles and jewelry for your custom corsage and have it waiting for your prom date to purchase.

White spray roses with white alstro and rhinestones

The staff at North Raleigh Florist is here to create your one-of-a kind piece for prom. Let us help make it your perfect day with the perfect piece selected just for you.

Calla and Monkey Tail

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