Ladies and Gentlemen, prom season is here once again! Posted in prior weeks North Raleigh Florist showed you what we had to offer for gorgeous corsage wristlets. It is time now to decorate those wristlets, and make a matching boutonniere so that you and your date can be the cutest there.


Step 2: Gentlemen pick out a wristlet that will completely compliment your dates look. NRF has a wide variety of different wristlets that your date would love! You can even pick out a wristlet that will be a very fashionable bracelet once your special day is over.

Step 3: The Design

With knowing the dress color and the tux color that your date will be wearing, it helps the designers and you to create your own unique look.

Step 4: Flowers:

North Raleigh Florist has no limitations when it comes to picking out the flowers and personal designs for you and your date.

Several flowers to offer: Roses (left), and Spray Roses (right) come in reds, pinks (light and hot), white, orange, and lavender. It is generally suggested that if your flower choice is roses, that the man has a full size rose, and the ladies wear a more dainty, smaller spray Rose.

Alstroemeria– comes in all colors…Reds, purples, pinks, peaches, whites, oranges, yellows and more. Alstros’ are a good flower to use in replace of a full size lily; it still brings the lily feel to the design, and holds up great without water.

Delphinium, Gerberas, and Orchids are all wonderful and unique flowers. They can really add personality and pazazz to your look. Flowers range in all colors. Check out some of North Raleigh Florist’s signature designs….

 Step 5: Pull it all together
Once picking out the flowers you would like to incorporate into your corsage or boutonniere, next finish your look with ribbons, or bling, or other add-ons to help your look be 100% correct.

Step 6: Set up a pick up time, and HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!!!!

North Raleigh Florist is excited to help you and your date come up with your own 2012 Prom design. Let us help you. (919) 847-3381


Passover is a Jewish holiday and festival that commemorates the story of Exodus in which the ancient Israelites were freed from Egyptian slavery. Passover begins on the 15th day of the Nisan month of the Jewish calendar, which typically coincides with April and is celebrated for seven or eight days and is one of the most widely observed Jewish holidays as 67% of Jews routinely hold or attend a Pesach seder, while only 46% belong to a synagogue.
Some of the most commonly known characteristics of Passover include separate plates for different dishes, Matzah Bread, (or unleavened bread), fasting of the first born, and the Seder dinner. Another important part of the Seder dinner is decorating the table with flowers as they are mentioned in a prayer.
The Seder dinner has fifteen parts as follows:

  1. Kadeish קדש – recital of Kiddush blessing and drinking of the first cup of wine
  2. Urchatz ורחץ – the washing of the hands – without blessing
  3. Karpas כרפס – dipping of the karpas in salt water
  4. Yachatz יחץ – breaking the middle matzo; the larger piece becomes the afikoman which is eaten later during the ritual of Tzafun
  5. Maggid מגיד – retelling the Passover story, including the recital of “the four questions” and drinking of the second cup of wine
  6. Rachtzah רחצה – second washing of the hands – with blessing
  7. Motzi מוציא – traditional blessing before eating bread products
  8. Matzo מצה – blessing before eating matzo
  9. Maror מרור – eating of the maror
  10. Koreich כורך – eating of a sandwich made of matzo and maror
  11. Shulchan oreich שולחן עורך – lit. “set table”—the serving of the holiday meal
  12. Tzafun צפון – eating of the afikoman
  13. Bareich ברך – blessing after the meal and drinking of the third cup of wine
  14. Hallel הלל – recital of the Hallel, traditionally recited on festivals; drinking of the fourth cup of wine
  15. Nirtzah נירצה – conclusion

Consider sending flower to a loved one this Passover for their Seder table, or maybe even for your own. Traditionally flowers for Passover were blue and white, but today people are choosing flowers to match their home décor or simply a centerpiece in spring colors as shown. Let North Raleigh Florist customize the perfect centerpieces for you or your host this Passover.

Floral Arrangement in a Vase

Teleflora's Sunsplash

Teleflora's Dashing Daisies


When the season of spring and Easter rolls around, several plants and flowers bloom and have a beautiful meaning of spring. North Raleigh Florist has several spring arrangements and beautiful blooming plants. For the season of Easter, our shop has Easter Lilies that symbolize purity, virtue, innocence, hope and life. These beautiful white trumpet-shaped flowers completely capture the spiritual essence of Easter.

Millions of homes and churches use this flower to represent the joy and hope in life. Whether given as a gift or enjoyed in your own home, the Easter Lily serves as a beautiful reminder that Easter and Spring is a time for rejoicing and celebrating.

The Latin name for the Easter Lily, Lilium longiflorum, is a native plant to the South Ryukyu Islands in Japan. Prior to 1941, World War II, the majority of the Easter Lily bulbs were exported to the United States from Japan. Since then however, the U.S has gained control of The Easter Lily bulb production and now have the superior quality of the Easter Lily bulbs grown.

To maintain the full enjoyment for your Easter Lily in your home, look for plants with flowers in various stages of ripeness. Open or partly open blooms tend to blossom over the next several days. As the flowers mature, remove the pollen before it starts to shed. This gives longer flower life and prevents the pollen from staining the white flowers. Be sure to also cut off the withering blooms to make the plant more attractive and still fresh and enjoyable.

In the home, Easter Lilies prefer moderately cool temperatures.  Easter Lilies prefer moist, well-drained soil. Water the plant thoroughly, however try to avoid over-watering and allowing the plant to sit in standing water.

After the last bloom has withered and has been cut, you can continue to grow your Easter Lilies and even plant them outside in your garden to enjoy them for years to come. Once the lilies have finished flowering, place the potted plants in a sunny location. Continue to water thoroughly as needed, and add one teaspoon of slow-release fertilizer every 6 weeks. You can move the pots to a sunny location outdoors after the danger of frost has passed.

Plant the Easter Lily bulbs 3 inches below ground level, and mound up an additional 3 inches of topsoil over the bulb. Plant bulbs at least 12 to 18 inches apart in a hole sufficiently deep so that the bulbs can be placed in it with the roots spread out and down, as they naturally grow. Spread the roots and work the prepared soil in around the bulbs and the roots, leaving no air pockets. Water in immediately and thoroughly after planting. Try not to allow the soil to heave or shift after planting.


As the original plants begin to die back, cut the stems back to the soil surface. New growth will soon emerge. You may be rewarded with a second bloom later this summer, but most likely you will have to wait until next June or July to see your Easter Lilies bloom again.

Another planting tip to consider is that lilies like their roots in shade and their heads in the sun. Mulching helps conserve moisture in between watering. It keeps the soil cool and loose, and provides a fluffy, nutritious medium for the stem roots. And lucky for us, The Easter Lily bulbs are surprisingly hardy even in cold climates. Just be sure to provide winter protection by mulching the ground with a thick, generous layer of straw, pine needles, leaves, ground corncob, or pieces of boxes or bags. Carefully remove the mulch in the spring to allow new shoots to come up, as your Easter Lilies will keep on giving beauty, grace and fragrance in years to come.

Be sure to capture the beauty of Spring and Easter by purchasing your own Easter Lily plant at North Raleigh Florist. It comes in brightly spring colored baskets so you can always enjoy the view. Be sure to also check out other Easter and Spring fresh cut flower arrangements.

On this special day everything must be absolutely perfect. Your dress has to be stunning, your shoes and accessories must compliment your look, and your hair and make up has to be flawless. Make sure however, that you remember to create your own personal corsage design to really pull your entire prom look together.

This prom season is filled with bright colors, prints as well as the classic black and the very glitzy glam girl. But with whatever look you decide to go for, we can customize the corsage and boutonniere just for you and your date.BRIGHT

1. LIGHTS- Don’t jump into the past with pastels; break into the trend of bright colors. Sunset orange, citrus yellow or popsicle pink are all very bright, vibrant colors that are a huge hit for prom 2012.

Compliment your bright, bold look with corsage wristlets like…

2. BASIC BLACK- Well girls, it has been confirmed, black is definitely back. Don’t shy away from it because you feel you need to live the pink prom dress fantasy. You can look absolutely dashing in a little black number. Show your bold streak, be different, and wear black.

If you are scared that you will be black and boring, dress up your little black dress with …








3. FLIRTY PRINTS- So you think you need to choose just one color? Absolutely not. This season you can mix-it-up by wearing several colors all at once and look color-tastic! Stand apart from the sea of solids and leave your stream of color.

Corsage wristlets that compliment the flirty print look would be…

4. GLITTERATI- It’s a glitter melting pot – from beads to sequins, rhinestones to jewels, and metallic’s to frosted hues. Glitterati is the hottest way to jazz up the plainest of dresses. Let us help you transform into a true glamour queen by injecting a shiny dose of drama with must-have glitter accents so you can sparkle the night away.

Continue the bedazzled look with corsage designs like…

North Raleigh Florist has several different options of wrist corsage bracelets with a wide variety of flowers to choose from. Spice up your wrist with different bling and ribbon available in all tones of the color wheel. Ladies, don’t forget to get a matching boutonniere for your date. Come in today to pick out your personal design that will pull your perfect prom look together.

The Request:
Many customers call to send flowers to the home of a friend or coworker who has lost a loved one. They might choose to send both to the service and the home, or just the home due to the relationship or location of the funeral. Another common request from customers who do send to the service is that a specific individual take the product home, but we can’t always assure that happens.

The Solution:
The best way to let a specific individual know you are thinking about them in their time of loss is to send flowers, plants, or gift baskets to their home. This doesn’t mean sending to the service is a bad idea, it just means if you are looking to send condolences to just one person, sending to the home is the best way to accomplish this.

What not to do:
Selecting a large product like a spray or large urn might not be the best idea for sympathy. We want to avoid creating more work for the individual which large arrangements will. This type of product is meant for the service. Also, avoid delivering sympathy arrangements to the office. This will draw extra attention to the recipient’s situation and prompt questions they might not want to answer. Emotions can run high during a time of loss, so avoid disrupting the recipient in their work environment.

What to send:
We offer a large array of products that are perfect to send to the home of a recipient experiencing a loss

Fruit baskets are great to send to the home. Many experiencing a loss are not thinking about when or what to eat. They might also have a lot of unexpected guests in their home. Sending a fruit basket will provide easy snacks for the recipient.




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Peaceful White Lilies basket is one of our most popular products for sympathy. It is also the largest size arrangement I would recommend sending to the home. It is Approximately 26″ W x 25″ H and contains lilies and carnations. If you want to make this basket extra special without increasing the size, we can add white roses or more lilies.

Dish Gardens start at $25 and are filled with easy care mixed green plants that all have the same light and water requirement. They are perfect for end tables, coffee tables, and counter tops.

Peace Lilies are one of the most common plants sent for sympathy. They range in size and are available in 6”, 8”, and 10” pots. Starting at $25, 6” pots are best for apartment living or limited space. 8” and 10” Peace Lilies are best for recipients that you know have space or a good corner to place them in. They are a very easy care plant that requires minimal light and will let you know when it needs to be watered by drooping its leaves.

Vase arrangements are also great for the home. They take up limited space and do not have to be taken care of as extensively as a plant. We recommend sending whites, creams, and yellows or other soft colors for sympathy. White symbolizes sympathy in flowers, while yellow can mean “I care”. You might consider sending another color scheme to represent a cause. For example, hot pink can be sent to a recipient who lost someone to breast cancer.

You can’t go wrong with any of these options when sending sympathy products to the home. Let North Raleigh Florist help you find the perfect arrangement for your relationship and situation.







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Peaceful White Lilies basket is one of our most popular products for sympathy. It is also the largest size arrangement I would recommend sending to the home. It is Approximately 26″ W x 25″ H and contains lilies and carnations. If you want to make this basket extra special without increasing the size, we can add white roses or more lilies.

Do you have a plant that is starting to outgrow its pot? It’s spring! Time to repot! Due to the temperature, light conditions, and the plant’s growth cycle this is the optimal time of year to repot your plants. Spring is considered the growing season for most houseplants.

When to repot
If the roots are starting to extend outside the pot at the top or through the holes at the bottom; or if the plant seems to have trouble holding or soaking up water it is time to repot. Before repotting, make sure the soil has begun to dry out. Generally speaking, find the next size pot, and purchase soil similar to what the plant is already growing in.
Pot Size Guidelines
A pot is measured on the inside diameter. Typical pot sizes are 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”. Sometimes pots also come in 7” and 7.5” sizes. Know what size pot you have. If you need help, visit your local florist or nursery.

Don’t go too big
When repotting a plant don’t select a new pot more than 1-2 inches larger than the current pot. You want the roots to have room to grow, but you don’t want the soil to get water logged and take a long time to dry.

Make sure your new pot has adequate drainage. This can be accomplished though holes at the bottom of the pot. To catch the water, place the pot on a plastic or decorative saucer. If your plant is in a basket, be sure to take the plant out of the basket and let the plastic pot drain the water. It is important to avoid root rot and complications from over watering.

Select the right soil
Make sure you have the right soil for your plant type. For example, orchid like light soil that contains wood chips or rocks to allow more air flow. Check your local plant store to see if there is a specific soil for your plant type.

Loosen the roots
Before placing your plant in a new pot, be sure to gently loosen the soil around the roots. This will allow the roots to continue to grow outward and not in the shape of the old pot. If they have grown tightly into the plant in a circle, take a sharp knife to break the circle gently.

Where to put soil
Be sure to put some soil on the bottom of the new pot before placing the plant inside. Having soil beneath the root protects the plant as well as allows for room to the plant to continue to grow. Next place soil around the outside of the roots and soil on top, also known as topdressing. Water your plant and place back in the same light it was used to.
Voila! You are done.

North Raleigh Florist provides a wide variety of house plants from Dish Gardens to Orchids and we are always available to answer plant questions. We can help you figure out when it is time to repot, if your lighting is correct, and if your temperature is appropriate. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions!

The color buzz on every wedding planner’s lips this year is “tangerine tango”. This bright red-orange color screams boldness and is sure to give you an energy boost to keep moving forward.  Pantone even named tangerine tango it the color of the year for 2012 in THIS article. Paired with Honeysuckle (the Pantone color of 2011) and green this is one wedding color scheme will get you noticed.

Tangerine Tango and Honeysuckle are both warm colors that can be balanced out with the addition of a cool color, like green or blue. Using green creates a spring feeling while deep blue adds a nautical element.

These three fabulous colors have also begun appearing in fashion, like this Lilly Pulitzer Taytay Dress. Perfect for bridesmaids!

Now what else can be done with these dramatic colors? Flowers

Some flowers that are available in tangerine tango include Alstroemeria, Roses and Spray Roses, Gerbera Daisies, and Calla Lilies.

Flowers available in medium pink or honey suckle include Hydrangea, Gerbera Daisies, Ranunculus, and Peonies.

Bright green flowers are available in Bells of Ireland, Hydrangea, Carnations, and Fuji Mums.

If you are interested in learning about this color scheme or other popular color choices for 2012 contact North Raleigh Florist for a wedding consultation!


The Myth: Stay Seasonal

“Be sure to ask your florist what is in season, because seasonal flowers are less expensive.”

Popular wedding flowers that are seasonal are bulbs like Tulips, Hyacinths and Daffodils; also Anemones and Peonies; however when these flowers are in season, they are still more expensive than standard wedding flowers. Though it is true that these flowers, when out of season, can be a bit cost-prohibitive, cost is not the only issue. Out of season flowers (when attainable) have to travel a great distance from a different climate. There are risks associated with shipping, as well as possible issues with quality and the overall lack of predictability when purchasing from a different region. Often, wedding magazines use these flowers in photos during seasons they are not readily available at a reasonable price. On the other hand, the Roses, Hydrangeas, Lilies, Asters, Gerbera Daises, and Calla Lilies you may also see in these magazine photos, are more consistently available and have more stable pricing. Using flowers that are consistently on the market helps to both keep the cost down and avoid quality issues.


The Myth: Limit Your Flower Choices

“If you use only a few types of flowers you can save money because your florist doesn’t have to order as many flowers and have extras they will have to charge you for.”

Any reputable florist would not charge you for flowers that you do not receive. Though bulk ordering can save you money, the amount that is required for bulk ordering often is more than the average bride is ordering. Generally, florists purchase flower bunches of 5, 10 or 25 stems for each type of flower. At North Raleigh Florist, our policy is to order efficiently in order to keep costs down for us and the bride. The only extras are in case of breakage or that last minute addition that most often occurs the week of the wedding. If your florist does enough volume during the week, having to order additional varieties of flowers for your wedding should not be an issue and should never affect the cost of your wedding flowers. There will always be a customer who will enjoy getting a few stems of something a little bit different that might be left over from a wedding.


The Myth: Limit Your Flower Colors

“Limiting your flower colors to one or two selections can make a bigger impact than multiple colors with fewer flowers.”

This is not always the case. If you are only going to use one or two colors, we recommend using multiple shades and hues of that color to make an impact. If you want multiple colors, we recommend groups of threes in the floral world. As you can see in the pictures above, red and yellow don’t seem to be as balanced as red, yellow, and orange. This two-color bouquet in this photo also doesn’t offer other textures and it requires considerably more flowers to be used, which increases the cost. These two bouquets are roughly the same size but the second photo costs more than $75 more. The number of colors that work in a scheme depends on individual tastes and the colors you have in mind. Your florist can help guide you with proper color matching, texture and color balance that works best within your budget.


The Myth: Use Candles or Silks Instead

“Using candles or silk flowers instead of real flowers can save money.”

Depending on how this is done, you might not save money going this route. The glass containers candles go in, marbles for décor, and set up will actually cost just as much as some floral centerpieces. Good quality silk flowers also run 1.5 times more than the price of fresh flowers. If you were to save money, the product would need to be bought by the bride and all of the set up would need to be done by the bride, a family member, or a bridesmaid, and who wants to impose on them? Brides who have been involved in such undertakings for friends’ weddings tell us it was a bit burdensome and they opt to not ask family and friends to work at their wedding.


The Myth: Use Low Centerpieces

“Lower centerpieces use less flowers than taller centerpieces.”

This actually depends on the design of the flowers. A low centerpiece can be designed in a lomey dish and placed on top of a tall vase. The only additional cost would be the rental cost of the vase ($7-$10). See the two pictures above that use the same amount of flowers with two different designs.

Wedding magazines, overall can be an incredible tool for a bride to get information and help plan the big day. It also can be overwhelming. It is best to go straight to the source for the most accurate information. Whether it be a cake professional, photographer, DJ or a florist, each of these wedding professionals are experts in their individual fields and will have the most accurate information on how their individual business works. Happy Wedding Planning!

Valentine’s Day has become a permanent institution in America. It is hard to walk into any kind of store without seeing red, white and pink hearts adorning cards, chocolates and teddy bears. It might surprise you that the holiday has not always been a celebration of romance, and that the methods of celebrating romance have changed over time.

The holiday of Saint Valentine’s Day was first established in 469 AD by Pope Gelasius I. It is the commemoration of the life of a Christian martyr named Valentine who was killed on February 14th, 300 years prior. As legend tells it, two other Roman saints named Valentine were also killed on February 14th.  Nearly 900 years later, The holiday took on a distinctly romantic flavor, mostly due to the influence of Geoffrey Chaucer. Through the rest of the Middle Ages, the link between Valentine’s Day and romance was solidified.

The 1700s brought about Valentine’s cards. These cards were handmade, adorned with lace and ribbon and exchanged between lovers. These tokens contributed to the vast increase in the American popularity of the holiday when commercially produced cards appeared in the 1840s. As a part of the 18th century Victorian culture, flowers were introduced to the holiday, with each flower having a defined meaning. Their addition helped to define the holiday in the romantic way that the Victorians desired.

ImageRoses quickly became a popular Valentine’s flower because it was the symbolic flower of love. Adding to this popularity was the fact that the various colors of roses symbolized many different messages. Some were for eternal love, while others represented purity, friendship, jealousy, the love of a friend, romance, desire and excitement. Givers of flowers can choose to mix colors, sending several messages, all while maintaining the desired aura of the glorified rose.

ImageWhile modern celebrations of Valentine’s day have become increasingly commercialized and elaborate, the origins of our holiday are hundreds of years old and surprisingly similar to those of Geoffery Chaucer’s day. Happy Valentine’s Day, from North Raleigh Florist to each and every one of you


Guys, let’s admit it: most of us don’t have a clue what we are doing when it comes to ordering flowers. We might have that tried and true arrangement that we feel comfortable buying over and over again (did I hear a dozen red roses?). While our counterparts appreciate receiving fresh flowers however they come, let’s face the fact that most of them would have more appreciation if we mixed it up a bit.Image

 After a quick survey of the ladies I work with, the ladies in my family and important ladies in my life, it is apparent that many of them would enjoy something other than red roses. Our relationships and friendships call for attention to the needs and wants of other, and flowers are a fantastic way to show how well we care and pay attention. As a man myself, I’ve experienced how painful it can be to try to come up with a creative way to express my love, gratitude and feelings through flowers.



Have no fear! North Raleigh Florist is here to help you express yourself. Our designers have the creative ability to make one-of-a-kind flower arrangements that say exactly what you need them to say. Before you call though, here are a few questions that can really go a long way in helping us figure out how to meet your need.


  1. What sort of occasion are you representing with these flowers? Are they Anniversary flowers? Thank you flowers? Birthday flowers? Flowers for a first date? What about flowers to celebrate someone’s accomplishments?


  1. Who is your recipient? How close are you to this person? If you’re dating, how long has it been?


  1. Does the recipient have a favorite flower? Do they have a favorite color of flower? Is there a flower that holds special significance to them?


  1. What kind of space will this arrangement be going in? Is the recipient a receptionist with little desk space? Does she need a shorter arrangement that she can see over, or would she rather have a large arrangement that is visible in a large office? Does she need something that can be easily transported in a car?


If you can find answers to these questions, you can help us to design effectively and appropriately. Help us give your recipient an arrangement that captures your feelings and thoughts! Even if you lack flower expertise, by sharing these simple details, you will be helping us perfect the design.


If you aren’t comfortable with giving our designers free reign, check out our online selection at If you are sold on the idea that roses are the flower for you, ask about our current color selection. Roses come in many exciting colors, especially if you give us a day or two to order them from our wholesalers. Regardless of your desires, we are here and ready to help you!


Gentlemen, we know we care about the special people in our lives. Let’s make sure they understand just how much we care. Let’s order flowers that get our point across appropriately, and let’s explore all of the beautiful options that cut flowers have to offer.

North Raleigh Florist


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