The 2012 London Olympics kicked off last week as citizens around the world tuned in and rallied in support behind their athletes to take gold. Countless hours of planning and preparations go into every detail of the ceremonies and games. One detail often over-looked by spectators are the hundreds of thousands of fresh cut flowers, plants, and trees that have gone into beautifying the Olympic Games from start to finish.

North Raleigh Florist always notices the flowers in every occasion. Here is what we found…

100 Day Countdown:

The motto for the London Olympics is to “inspire a generation” and London has left no detail untouched. In the 100-day countdown to the opening ceremony a set of Olympic Rings were presented by London 2012 chairman Seb Coe at Kew Gardens. The rings were comprised of over 20,000 flowers and could easily be seen by passing planes.

Olympic Park:

Two years of development and research went into creating the UK’s largest man-made wildflower meadow in the Olympic Park Gardens surrounding the stadium. Over 150,000 late summer blooming flowers have been planted and include cornflowers, tickseed, corn marigolds, star of the veldt, Californian poppies, prairie flowers, and plains coreopsis.  In addition, over 4,000 trees and 300,000 wetland plants also adorn the park.

Opening Ceremony:

The Netherlands team has earned every moment of attention they have received for their sharp and detailed Opening Ceremony attire. The perfect finishing touch to their outfits was the large, bi-colored, parrot tulip corsage/boutonnière adorning their jacket’s lapel. The design is simple with a long stem and no greenery. This is a look not commonly seen in US corsage/ boutonnière fashion and is very clean and modern. The Netherlands are well known for their Tulips and other bulb flowers making this floral fashion statement a terrific nod to the region’s agriculture sect.

The Winner’s Circle:

All medal winners are presented with a bouquet of flowers during the Victory Ceremonies. In the 2012 London games 4,400 bouquets comprised 100% British grown flowers and herbs will be awarded. The contents of the bouquets include the traditional English Rose, but in fun bright modern colors with accents of mint, rosemary, English lavender, and wheat. Everything about these perfectly selected, fragrant bouquets designed by renowned UK florist, Jane Packer is the epitome of contemporary English garden.

Remember to keep your eyes peeled while watching the Olympic Games this week because you never know where more flowers might show up!