What are good rules for your outdoor landscape? Are there any rules to follow? At North Raleigh Florist we have a few guidelines to make your outdoor landscape look and feel like a natural tranquil garden.

Our first rule of thumb is to create harmony! Having a garden that is too busy with too many different types of plants can be harsh to the eyes. Staying with plants that have similar colors, textures and size can be alluring and draw appeal to the area.

When selecting plants for your outdoor landscape consider the following:

  1. What will the plants maturity size be? Too often plants are purchased because they are small and cute, and the gardener ends up with a 5 foot plant that started out as a small 6 in plant. So always double check to see what the maximum maturity height and width will be, so that you have the proper space allotted.
  2. How will the plant look in the space that you have provided for it? Make sure to consider all ready existing plants that may surround you new addition. Having enough room and making sure to stay in a color theme.
  3. What color scheme will you choose?? Having too many color schemes can also be very distracting and busy looking. The Staff at North Raleigh Florist likes to use cool and calming colors in their personal outdoor landscapes. Colors like Silver and Purple or Silver and Blue having calming effects and are very neutral.
  4. What types of features do your plants have through out the year?? Will your plants bloom throughout different seasons or do you have your plants on a rotation. Having your plants on rotation you will have some that are green during one season but bloom during the next so that you will always have something that is blooming.
  5. Where will your plants be planted? Keep in mind how much sun or shade, rain and even what type of insects you might have inhabiting your outdoor space.
  6. Does your outdoor landscape have a natural look?? Having decorative rocks can make a big impact on any landscape while giving it interest and character and adding a more natural look than placed barriers.

These are just a few of the guidelines the staff here at North Raleigh Florist likes to go by when planning and planting our outdoor landscapes. Let us know what kind of guidelines you go by write us a comment on our blog so that next time we can share your ideas with everybody too!!