Does your business utilize floral services? Have you ever wondered what benefit a florist could provide to you? Flowers speak volumes and they can be a great asset to many aspects of your business.

Business Handshake

Employee Relations
Need a way to say thank you to your employees for all the hard work they’ve put in? Say it with flowers! Many different occasions are fitting for flowers, ranging from celebrations of newborns and birthdays to comforting employees when they lose loved ones, even if the funeral is out of town.  When an employee completes a large project or gains the status of “Employee of the Month or Year,” flowers are a perfect way to thank them, celebrate their accomplishment and brighten up their office with a vase full of color!

Birthday Cake Flowers

Client Relations
Are you having trouble closing that big deal? Did you make a mistake that you need to remedy? Use flowers to help solve your problem. A delivered floral arrangement goes a long way towards building and maintaining relationships with clients. Sending flowers to a wavering customer can help to put them at ease and show you care about them on a personal level, potentially sealing the deal on an important purchase.

 Teleflora's Make a Wish

When you fall short of expectations, this can sometimes diminish the relationship you’ve built over days and years. Many people send flowers to help repair personal relationships, so why not follow the trend to use them to help fix business relationships? Flowers sent with a personal note can easily show the depth and truth behind your apology.

Teleflora's Basket of Light

Is your company missing an important event? You truly can be there in some capacity just by sending a gift with a note that expresses your sentiment in your absence. Sometimes, this can actually be a useful gift for the event itself. A centerpiece for the food table or head table, perhaps? How about a basket of goodies for the attendees of a smaller event? The possibilities are endless.

Teleflora's Zen Artistry

Teleflora's Chocolate Lover's Basket

Forming a partnership with your local florist can help you build positive relationships with employees and clients both, and even help to network when you are unable to attend events. North Raleigh Florist already manages multiple corporate accounts and has many business-centered flower solutions. Give us a call at 919-847-3381 and we’ll be happy to help you craft a plan to strengthen your business with flowers.