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The Myth: Stay Seasonal

“Be sure to ask your florist what is in season, because seasonal flowers are less expensive.”

Popular wedding flowers that are seasonal are bulbs like Tulips, Hyacinths and Daffodils; also Anemones and Peonies; however when these flowers are in season, they are still more expensive than standard wedding flowers. Though it is true that these flowers, when out of season, can be a bit cost-prohibitive, cost is not the only issue. Out of season flowers (when attainable) have to travel a great distance from a different climate. There are risks associated with shipping, as well as possible issues with quality and the overall lack of predictability when purchasing from a different region. Often, wedding magazines use these flowers in photos during seasons they are not readily available at a reasonable price. On the other hand, the Roses, Hydrangeas, Lilies, Asters, Gerbera Daises, and Calla Lilies you may also see in these magazine photos, are more consistently available and have more stable pricing. Using flowers that are consistently on the market helps to both keep the cost down and avoid quality issues.


The Myth: Limit Your Flower Choices

“If you use only a few types of flowers you can save money because your florist doesn’t have to order as many flowers and have extras they will have to charge you for.”

Any reputable florist would not charge you for flowers that you do not receive. Though bulk ordering can save you money, the amount that is required for bulk ordering often is more than the average bride is ordering. Generally, florists purchase flower bunches of 5, 10 or 25 stems for each type of flower. At North Raleigh Florist, our policy is to order efficiently in order to keep costs down for us and the bride. The only extras are in case of breakage or that last minute addition that most often occurs the week of the wedding. If your florist does enough volume during the week, having to order additional varieties of flowers for your wedding should not be an issue and should never affect the cost of your wedding flowers. There will always be a customer who will enjoy getting a few stems of something a little bit different that might be left over from a wedding.


The Myth: Limit Your Flower Colors

“Limiting your flower colors to one or two selections can make a bigger impact than multiple colors with fewer flowers.”

This is not always the case. If you are only going to use one or two colors, we recommend using multiple shades and hues of that color to make an impact. If you want multiple colors, we recommend groups of threes in the floral world. As you can see in the pictures above, red and yellow don’t seem to be as balanced as red, yellow, and orange. This two-color bouquet in this photo also doesn’t offer other textures and it requires considerably more flowers to be used, which increases the cost. These two bouquets are roughly the same size but the second photo costs more than $75 more. The number of colors that work in a scheme depends on individual tastes and the colors you have in mind. Your florist can help guide you with proper color matching, texture and color balance that works best within your budget.


The Myth: Use Candles or Silks Instead

“Using candles or silk flowers instead of real flowers can save money.”

Depending on how this is done, you might not save money going this route. The glass containers candles go in, marbles for décor, and set up will actually cost just as much as some floral centerpieces. Good quality silk flowers also run 1.5 times more than the price of fresh flowers. If you were to save money, the product would need to be bought by the bride and all of the set up would need to be done by the bride, a family member, or a bridesmaid, and who wants to impose on them? Brides who have been involved in such undertakings for friends’ weddings tell us it was a bit burdensome and they opt to not ask family and friends to work at their wedding.


The Myth: Use Low Centerpieces

“Lower centerpieces use less flowers than taller centerpieces.”

This actually depends on the design of the flowers. A low centerpiece can be designed in a lomey dish and placed on top of a tall vase. The only additional cost would be the rental cost of the vase ($7-$10). See the two pictures above that use the same amount of flowers with two different designs.

Wedding magazines, overall can be an incredible tool for a bride to get information and help plan the big day. It also can be overwhelming. It is best to go straight to the source for the most accurate information. Whether it be a cake professional, photographer, DJ or a florist, each of these wedding professionals are experts in their individual fields and will have the most accurate information on how their individual business works. Happy Wedding Planning!


Valentine’s Day has become a permanent institution in America. It is hard to walk into any kind of store without seeing red, white and pink hearts adorning cards, chocolates and teddy bears. It might surprise you that the holiday has not always been a celebration of romance, and that the methods of celebrating romance have changed over time.

The holiday of Saint Valentine’s Day was first established in 469 AD by Pope Gelasius I. It is the commemoration of the life of a Christian martyr named Valentine who was killed on February 14th, 300 years prior. As legend tells it, two other Roman saints named Valentine were also killed on February 14th.  Nearly 900 years later, The holiday took on a distinctly romantic flavor, mostly due to the influence of Geoffrey Chaucer. Through the rest of the Middle Ages, the link between Valentine’s Day and romance was solidified.

The 1700s brought about Valentine’s cards. These cards were handmade, adorned with lace and ribbon and exchanged between lovers. These tokens contributed to the vast increase in the American popularity of the holiday when commercially produced cards appeared in the 1840s. As a part of the 18th century Victorian culture, flowers were introduced to the holiday, with each flower having a defined meaning. Their addition helped to define the holiday in the romantic way that the Victorians desired.

ImageRoses quickly became a popular Valentine’s flower because it was the symbolic flower of love. Adding to this popularity was the fact that the various colors of roses symbolized many different messages. Some were for eternal love, while others represented purity, friendship, jealousy, the love of a friend, romance, desire and excitement. Givers of flowers can choose to mix colors, sending several messages, all while maintaining the desired aura of the glorified rose.

ImageWhile modern celebrations of Valentine’s day have become increasingly commercialized and elaborate, the origins of our holiday are hundreds of years old and surprisingly similar to those of Geoffery Chaucer’s day. Happy Valentine’s Day, from North Raleigh Florist to each and every one of you


Guys, let’s admit it: most of us don’t have a clue what we are doing when it comes to ordering flowers. We might have that tried and true arrangement that we feel comfortable buying over and over again (did I hear a dozen red roses?). While our counterparts appreciate receiving fresh flowers however they come, let’s face the fact that most of them would have more appreciation if we mixed it up a bit.Image

 After a quick survey of the ladies I work with, the ladies in my family and important ladies in my life, it is apparent that many of them would enjoy something other than red roses. Our relationships and friendships call for attention to the needs and wants of other, and flowers are a fantastic way to show how well we care and pay attention. As a man myself, I’ve experienced how painful it can be to try to come up with a creative way to express my love, gratitude and feelings through flowers.



Have no fear! North Raleigh Florist is here to help you express yourself. Our designers have the creative ability to make one-of-a-kind flower arrangements that say exactly what you need them to say. Before you call though, here are a few questions that can really go a long way in helping us figure out how to meet your need.


  1. What sort of occasion are you representing with these flowers? Are they Anniversary flowers? Thank you flowers? Birthday flowers? Flowers for a first date? What about flowers to celebrate someone’s accomplishments?


  1. Who is your recipient? How close are you to this person? If you’re dating, how long has it been?


  1. Does the recipient have a favorite flower? Do they have a favorite color of flower? Is there a flower that holds special significance to them?


  1. What kind of space will this arrangement be going in? Is the recipient a receptionist with little desk space? Does she need a shorter arrangement that she can see over, or would she rather have a large arrangement that is visible in a large office? Does she need something that can be easily transported in a car?


If you can find answers to these questions, you can help us to design effectively and appropriately. Help us give your recipient an arrangement that captures your feelings and thoughts! Even if you lack flower expertise, by sharing these simple details, you will be helping us perfect the design.


If you aren’t comfortable with giving our designers free reign, check out our online selection at If you are sold on the idea that roses are the flower for you, ask about our current color selection. Roses come in many exciting colors, especially if you give us a day or two to order them from our wholesalers. Regardless of your desires, we are here and ready to help you!


Gentlemen, we know we care about the special people in our lives. Let’s make sure they understand just how much we care. Let’s order flowers that get our point across appropriately, and let’s explore all of the beautiful options that cut flowers have to offer.

Seasons change and so do styles; the perfect Valentine’s gift is no exception. Colors, flowers, containers and accents go through phases and trends over the years. Here is our 2012 style update:

Hold My Heart - Pink Carnations
Hot Pink is in! More and more flowers are being grown in hot pink varieties, giving us the ability to create many different looks, all involving this dynamic color. The above picture shows our “Hold My Heart” arrangement featuring hot pink carnations nestled in Ti Leaves, featuring a hot pink wire heart.

Two Hearts, One Love
Stylized arrangements add depth and interest to flowers. Rather than use a simple vase, the designers create a scene using upgraded containers, greenery, manipulated flowers and accents. This picture features “Two Hearts, One Love,” a stately and inspiring piece, designed in a ceramic container. The stargazer lily, roses, gerbera daisies, and heart-shaped bells of Ireland all work together to frame the image. This isn’t “just flowers”; it is a work of art.

Potted Orchid
In addition to cut flowers, potted plants can be used as romantic gestures. Rather than living a week like most flowers, plants can live for months and months if properly cared for. As you can see in the Potted Orchid above, plants do not have to stand alone. By using accents like butterflies and curly willow, plants can appear in a more natural setting, increasing their visual appeal. Orchids aren’t just sensible, they are high end and beautiful.

Tulips in the Garden
Looking for something other than a dozen Roses this Valentine’s Day? You aren’t alone. Mixed arrangements and all tulip arrangements have soared in popularity over the last several years. They provide a fresh springy look for the girl who is tired of roses. Tulips in the garden are shown above, also available in light pink, yellow, and red.

Tropical Mix
Stand out tropical flowers are perfect for a modern girl who loves the beach and high end styles. Tropical mix is designed in a bamboo cube and contains a few classic red roses, green hydrangea, and stargazer lilies, but the real focus of this arrangement are tall tropical Ginger. This arrangement breaks tradition in all of the right ways and is perfect for both men and women.

Lavender Wishes
Colored roses are a new twist on an old classic. Red roses have been done, over and over again. Purple and pink roses? Beautiful and different, but still safe. Roses come in a variety of colors and will allow you to send the recipient their favorite color, but maintain a traditional arrangement.

Sure, we all have old Valentine’s classic: red Roses in a vase. But it has been done, and over done (in our opinion). Maybe this year will be the year that you step outside the box and see what new trends North Raleigh Florist has to offer.

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