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This Valentine’s Day, let North Raleigh Florist help you surprise the man in your life too. Sure you could send him flowers, but that doesn’t work for every guy. Here’s what else we can do, we can attach gift cards from local restaurants to all sorts of gifts:

Balloon bouquets are designed in a pyramid shape and are delivered on a weight. For Valentine’s Day balloons can read “I love you” and “Happy Valentine’s Day” .

Dish gardens are a popular item for male recipients because they are easy to care for. Each garden includes a unique variety of plants that all require medium light and weekly watering. Don’t worry, gardens come with care instructions. Send a gift that lasts for your practical guy!

Just met him, but you’re not sure what send? You want to send him something to let him know you are thinking of him on Valentine’s Day but nothing too romantic just yet! Maybe he is a junk food lover, chocoholic, or kid at heart? We can put together all his favorites from salty to sweet!  We can include a variety of treats if you think he may like a little bit of this and a little bit of that!

Make it his own with a sports-themed basket of goodies. Perfect for a picnic in the park or even at home.  Order early on this one though so we can make it just right for him!

Nothing is as classic as a single rose in a vase. Red is for love, yellow is for friendship, and white is for purity or engagement. If you are not sure which color to pick, orange is always a safe bet for men. It has a masculine quality, yet doesn’t say too much too soon. The perfect  “I’m thinking about you”. A single red rose is available for pick up, or it can be delivered with a restaurant gift card or other ad-ons.

A small teddy bear can be attached to anything. This is a great add-on for that little extra something, and it is just so cute.

If your guy likes flowers we have the perfect special for him.  North Raleigh Florist’s Tropical Mix contains Ginger, Stargazer Lilies, Roses, and Hydrangea in a bamboo box designed in a modern style.

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If you missed Part I you can see it here.

We still hold firm that carnations are fabulous. We particularly recommend them for weddings because of their texture and diverse colors.

Carnation Pomander BallsPink Carnation Pomander

Carnations make great pomander balls (top) to hang on chairs during the ceremony or even carried down the aisle as bridesmaid’s bouquets (bottom). Would you even think these were carnations??

Carnation TopiaryCarnation Eiffel Tower

Here we have carnations arranged as topiaries. Adding accents like branches and marbles can really make the difference in styling. This look is so unique, no one would dare think “yuck, carnations”. – Also perfect for bridal and baby showers.

Hand-tied Carnation BouquetHand-Tied Carnation Bouquet

All carnation bouquets have been quite popular in recent years. Mixing three different colors keeps the bouquet cohesive, yet bright. Starting at just $40, this option is perfect for the budget bride.

Carnation Altar PieceAltar Piece

Carnations also fill in altar pieces well. It helps close the holes without taking attention away from focal flowers.

Carnation CenterpieceCarnation CenterpieceAlso great in centerpieces, carnations can be designed simple and modern (top) or elegant and soft (bottom). With so much versatility, you can’t go wrong in selecting carnations for a centerpiece.

So we ask again, have we changed you mind yet? We would love to read some comments with your thoughts!

Life Cycle: Evergreen
Native to: The Southern United States
Indoor/Outdoor: outdoor
Uses: landscaping, resin, turpentine, timber, wood for ships, coiled basket making
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Pinophyta
Class: Punopsida
Order: Pinales
Family: Pinaceae
Genus: Pinus
Subgenus: Pinus
Species: P. palustris


The unusually warm weather this season has caused many flowers and plants to bloom and continue to stay green unseasonably. Normally, the only green remaining in the tree line by early January is the ever green of the long leaf pine tree. Thankfully this hearty plant is resistant to frequent weather changes and will continue to be just fine if the temperature plummets, stays warm, or fluctuates from week-to-week. Since the long leaf pine tree is native to North Carolina, it is well accustomed to drastic weather changes. The general pine tree is named North Carolina’s state tree by  NC General Statute §145-3  and can be seen just about everywhere. However, the species that is most common and incorrectly believed to be the state tree (because it is so prevalent) is the longleaf pine or P. palustris.

The longleaf pine currently grows 98-115 feet tall with a diameter of 28 inches, however, early record indicate they once grew to 154 feet tall with a diameter of 47 inches. A pine tree does not reach full growth until it is 100 to 150 years old and can live for up to 500 years.

The “leaves” of this plant are pine needles which are long and skinny (see picture below) and come in groupings. The pine tree also contains and drops pine cones which contain the tree’s seeds.

Even though the tree appears abundant, there are significantly fewer longleaf pine trees and new growth than there once was. This is believed arise from the young plant serving as good food for pigs during the early settlement of theUnited States. The decline in the longleaf pine has also lead to the decline of the Red-cockaded Woodpecker who is dependent on the tree for survival.

If you wish to plant a pine, care is relatively easy. Since the longleaf pine is native to the area, natural weather conditions and water are conducive to growth and require no maintenance. Pine Trees can be seen locally atPullenPark, a free public park located approximately 1.1 miles fromNorth CarolinaStateUniversity. Pine trees can be seen any time of year.

North Raleigh Florist can obtain small pine trees that can be sent for Arbor Day on March 15, Earth Day on April 22, or any day for a garden enthusiast! You could also take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and visitPullenParkwhile enjoying a gourmet picnic basket from North Raleigh Florist!

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