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Are you looking to order a centerpiece for your home or as a holiday gift? Maybe you are looking for a centerpiece for your wedding. No matter what the occasion, if you know a few details about the table and the room you can order a centerpiece that is perfect size and color for the occasion.

Questions to ask your self and share with us your florist:

  1. Is the arrangement for a sit-down dinner, or a buffet? In other words, will people seated at the table need to see over the arrangement? An arrangement for a buffet table will likely be larger and taller than one for a seated dinner where a low piece that guests can see over is more appropriate.
  2. How many people will be seated at the table? If it is a table for 8 with 6 guests, you will have more room for a larger centerpiece than a full table centerpiece than a  full table.
  3. Is the table round or rectangular? You want the shape of centerpiece to accent the shape of the table. Avoid mixing shapes.
  4. What is the color scheme desired? Try and match the room or the party theme. For example, if the room is red, use complimentary, similar, or neutral colors.
  5. The minimum price for a centerpiece is about $25.00. This is a small centerpiece and includes flowers such as Carnations and Daisies. For a centerpiece to do its job and attract attention, you need to use enough flowers to draw the eye.
  6. Centerpieces with Lilies, Roses, or other premium flowers will start at $45 for a smaller centerpiece.
  7. For a buffet table/tall centerpiece, is there a height restriction on the arrangement? Think about the size of the piece. If it is too low on a buffet, the flowers will be in the food. If the piece is too high it might hit a chandelier or block a décor focal point, such as a mirror or picture.
  8. Will there be a lot of food on the table? The more food on the table, the higher the centerpiece you should order. You don’t want the flowers to get in the food. Also, you don’t want a high centerpiece to have greens or flowers that commonly shed, otherwise you might end up with debris in the food!

Next time you are looking to bring a centerpiece to a friend or family member’s home for the holiday think about their home and style. Tell us as many details as you can and we will create a centerpiece that works for you and your needs.



If you’re like most of us at North Raleigh Florist, a lot of your houseplants spend the summer outside on a porch, patio or deck. But, with cooler weather here, it’s time to bring them back in as tropical’s can’t take the cold. We have a few hints to keep them from being unhappy with the change!

Before you bring your plants in give them a little shower. I usually do it outside. You can also do it in the sink or shower. The main purpose is to wash dust, dirt, and insects off the plants. Check for any damaged leaves and do a general cleanup. I don’t usually re-pot my plants in the fall. Their growth tends to slow some in the winter. If your plant seems to be heavily root bound go ahead and go up one pot size. .It’s also good to give your plant a spray down with an insecticidal soap made for indoor plants. You can also use a spray bottle with a 50/50 mix of water and isopropyl alcohol for insects in a pinch. Spray outside and let the spray dry. Find the brightest place in your house, especially if your plant has been in sun all summer. Keep in mind that glass intensifies the sunlight. You may also have to alter your watering schedule. The heat in the house combined with the lower humidity can be more drying. Some plants may benefit from misting with water several times a week. Check your plants weekly for any insects that may pop up. Even though you don’t think any insects can get in your house, they can be dormant on your plant.

The other change is plants tend to slow or stop blooming in the winter. They need this rest to store up energy for next year. However, with the holiday season approaching there are several plants that bloom in the winter. They include amaryllis, Thanksgiving/Christmas cactus, paper white narcissus, cyclamen, and of course poinsettias! These will all be available at North Raleigh Florist! If you have any questions or need advice, please call North Raleigh Florist and ask for Venetia.

Of course fall is full of beautiful rich colors, but the new fall color trend for weddings that we are seeing at North Raleigh Florist is changing that standard. Surprisingly this season’s new color trend for us is greens and purples. The vibrant golds and browns are still alive and booming, but the greens and purples have been the stars this season.

An old take on a new trend

Mason Jars may be old fashioned, but we love the beautiful Vintage or Rustic look they can create.  A mason jar can never be too casual or too formal. Certain types of flowers are great prospects for mason jars:  hydrangea, peonies, gerbera daisies, mums, fujis and cremones. Mason jars are multi-functional and can be used as centerpieces or placed on shepherd hooks as aisle markers in an indoor or outdoor wedding.

Flower of the Fall Season

A Mason Jar on a Shepard's Hook


Popular flowers for the months of October and November are Chrysanthemums, Amaranthus, Asters, Wax Flower, and Wheat and Fall Leaf accents. More unique flowers include:  Scabiosa Pods, Anthurium, Marigolds, Billy Balls, Craspedia and Dahlias.

Interesting Textures and Accessories

New trends in weddings include using flowers that will add unique textures to your bouquets, boutonnieres or centerpieces. Hanging amaranthus, coxcomb or montbresia will provide the unique touches that you are looking for. Accessories can include dried lotus pods, wheat or branches.

Natural and Rustic Brides Bouquet from one of our October Weddings

The great thing about all these fall trends is that we can use them to fit any feel of wedding. North Raleigh Florist can create your perfect rustic fall wedding, whether you want it informal or formal, lowkey or upscale.

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