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Chrysanthemums top North Raleigh Florist’s list of one of our favorite garden perennials, with mounds of beautiful autumn colored blooms. Chrysanthemums are herbaceous plants. Herbaceous Plants are plants that have leaves and stems that die down at the end of the growing season.  They do not have woody stems above ground.  It’s a great garden plant that will add vibrant and beautiful color to your outdoor space. One of the fabulous facts about Chrysanthemums is that they bloom from late August until the first hard frost and the green foliage of the chrysanthemum will last year round, adding texture to any garden. They are known for their ability to produce an abundance of small blooms with little effort.  Just cut the plants down to the crown after the first frost to allow for fresh foliage growth on those warmer days in late winter/early spring. You might even get some bonus blooms in spring if your mums are in a happy spot.

About The Chrysanthemum and where they came from:

The name Chrysanthemum comes from the Macedonia and Greek words Chrisos meaning “Gold” and Anthos meaning “flower.”

Mums were first cultivated in China. The chrysanthemum signifies the tenth month of the lunar calendar. The chrysanthemum is one of the Four Gentlemen, blooms late and in facing the winter symbolizes people who maintain their virtue despite adversity and temptation. The Chrysanthemum symbolizes forever and longevity.  The Double Ninth Festival is observed in the Chinese calendar (the 9th day of the 9th month), and is said by the Chinese to have too much yang, so to protect themselves on this dangerous day they drink Chrysanthemum Wine along with other things to keep safe.

In the 8th century Japan adopted Chrysanthemums as its official seal and crest of the Emperor. In Japan, the Imperial Order of the Chrysanthemum is the highest Order of Chivalry. The Japanese “Festival of Happiness” celebrates the Chrysanthemum.

Mum Plants have also been used in cooking and for medicinal purposes for centuries. The leaves of Mum plants can be steamed or boiled and are used in many cuisines. They have also been used in teas  to help recovery from influenza.  Caution: Always be sure no pesticides have been added to plants before ingesting.

There are many interesting facts about Chrysanthemums that we couldn’t possibly share them all. Stay tuned to our North Raleigh Florist Facebook and Twitter for more interesting facts about these beautiful fall plants.

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What better way to accent a beautiful white wedding cake than bright, vibrant flowers adorning each layer? The most common ways to arrange flowers on a cake is to use a larger concentration on the top layer as a cake topper, as a swag line up the cake, or small accents on each layer. Below are some of our favorite cake flowers we have designed.

Colorful and eye catching, this arrangement is symmetrical, yet adds interest with multiple varieties of flowers including spray roses and daisies.

Cake Flowers

These flowers were designed in oasis and placed in front of the cake to add some interest to the cake table.

Cake FlowersCake Topper

This dramatic cake has ivy surrounding chocolate-covered strawberries. White and red roses have been placed around the cake stand to add some interest and color to the table and balance the strawberry designs.

The flower for September is the aster. Aster is the Latin name for star, referring to the flower’s starlike shape. The aster is an old flower, often used by early North American settlers as an expectorant for croup. They are related to the sunflower and true daisies. They are also a popular flower with many types of butterflies and their larvae.
Matsumoto Aster
With their lush texture, rich hues and wildflower beauty, it’s easy to see why asters have had a long association with magical powers. In ancient times, it was believed that when aster leaves burned, their perfume could drive away evil. Today, this September birth flower is known as a talisman of love and an enduring symbol of elegance. Some of the meanings of asters in the Victorian language of flowers includes variety, afterthought, beauty in retirement, and sentimental recollections.

Matsumoto Asters

Most garden asters are cultivated varieties of the fall-blooming wildflower, Michaelmas daisy. They are native to the United States and can be seen blooming along roadsides during the fall. The asters most commonly seen in a florist include the Aster chinensis, or Chinese/ matsumoto aster. It usually found in reds, pinks, whites, lavenders and purples, and the Monte Casino, which is a filler flower, usually purple or white. Asters are a bright, cheerful flower. Send someone a bouquet for a September birthday that includes asters, from North Raleigh Florist and send a little sunshine!

On Saturday, August 20th, North Raleigh Florist created the floral designs for three local weddings! One of the weddings was designed predominantly by our owner, Janice Cutler. The ceremony took place at St. Francis of Assisi on Leesville Road and the reception was held at Brier Creek Country Club.  The flowers featured included different shades of purples, pinks, pale yellows, and whites. The flowers used throughout the wedding were Roses, Spray Roses, Freesia, Bouvardia, and Lilies. What was most unique about this wedding was the use of Pomanders. These three dimensional balls made of flowers lined the aisles at the church, but were then moved to the reception and placed in vases as centerpieces!

First at the ceremony…

Pew Flowers
Then at the reception!


The Bride’s Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

The Bridal Party’s Bouquets

 Bridesmaid Bouquet

This bride also utilized many different centerpiece styles.


Table set up

Altar piece arrangement

Altar Piece

Our delivery van filled with flowers!


The second wedding was designed predominantly by our wedding consultant, Brandi and took place at the Hilton in Durham. This wedding spiced things up with hot pink Gerbera Daisies and Hot Lady Roses!

Bride’s Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

Bouquet Detail

Bouquet Detail

The centerpieces being designed! This arrangement of 10 hot pink Gerbera Daisies is low enough for guests to see over and cost just $32 each!


The final wedding we designed took place at Grace Lutheran Church in Raleigh and featured a cascading bouquet of Casablanca Lilies, light pink and white Roses, and Babies Breath.

Cascading Bouquet

Cascading bouquets are definitely coming back in style! This same weekend we created another cascade for a bridal portrait for a future bride.

Cascade Bouquet

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