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Plants are a very important part of home décor. North Raleigh Florist carries a variety of tropical plants that are great for interiorscaping your home. Almost all plants have the benefit of purifying the air inside the home. We have compiled a list of plants that are popular and widely available. We have also included notes regarding the toxicity of the plants for animals and children. Keep in mind that people and animals react differently to eating plants. I am lucky that my cat doesn’t show any interest in eating my plants! She does have her own pot of catnip on the patio, and loves to nibble on it. There are also several websites that can give more info on houseplant toxicity.

If you have any more questions, please call me, Venetia, at North Raleigh Florist!
Snake Plant (Sanseveria) Tolerates low to high light. Does not need a lot of water. It will multiply in the pot, and is easily divided and shared! No known toxicity

Snake Plant (Sanseveria)

Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra) Very low light to medium light. Low water needs. A popular plant in the Victorian era due to it’s apparent tolerance to gas leaks in the homes. No known toxins.

Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra)

Chinese Evergreen ( Aglaoname) Low to medium light; medium water requirements. It can dry slightly between watering. Ingestion of leaves and stems can cause some rash and stomach upset. (This depends on the size of the animal or child, see websites above)

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaoname)Peace Lily (spathiphyllum) Also known as closet plant for it’s tolerance to low light conditions. Even though it will recover when it gets to dry, letting a plant get to that drooping over the edge of the pot stage will eventually cause it to be less hardy. It is better to have a fairly regular watering schedule. Mild toxicity. Skin rash, some stomach upset and nausea on ingestion. (This depends on the size of the animal or child, see websites above)

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)
Dracaena species  These include the corn plants,and lucky bamboo, which is not a true bamboo! Medium to brighter light, no full sun or intensity through a window. Medium water needs, keep soil evenly moist.  These are considered generally safe.


Pothos (Epipremnum aureum. Once called scindapsis aureus) This is the classic devil’s ivy, with yellow and green variegated leaves. Low to high light, low medium water needs. Pothos is another plant that can do with little water, but when it loses leaves on the stem they will not regrow. It’s better to clip the stems back, and let the plant branch out. Ingestion can cause mouth rash, drooling, vomiting. (This depends on the size of the animal or child, see websites above)

Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)
Philodendron species Low to high light, and tolerates low water very well. All parts are considered toxic.

Ficus species. This includes weeping fig, fiddle leaf fig, and creeping fig. Medium to bright light, consistently moist soil. Not considered toxic, but the plant does exude a milky sap that could be a skin irritant to some people.

Phalaenopsis  Orchids. The large flat faced, moth orchid. They need bright indirect light and infrequent (once a week or so) thorough watering. Avoid water on the crown of the leaves.

Phalaenopsis Orchids
Diffenbachia Low to bright light, and very tolerant of water issues. However, this is definitely one of the more toxic plants. Its nickname has long been ‘dumbcane’ due to the fact the sap can paralyze the vocal cords. Still an excellent plant, as long as there is no risk of it being ingested.



The North Raleigh Florist Store Front

A Professional Florist has had extensive training and certification in design and horticulture and stays current on various aspects of flower and plant care, color, texture and design trends. In addition, designers are aware of new and improved products to extend the vase life of flowers, Continuing education is important and an absolute MUST if you are to be a Professional Florist.


So why use a Professional Florist? The Professional Florist can ease your mind on your special day. Many problems can arise when you “Do It Yourself”.  Think about this: Three hours before your wedding is to begin, the altar piece your mother made which was lovely two hours ago is now drooping and looking about three days old. What are you to do?  The rush and panic is not necessary, so why even chance it?. Remove the risk factor and call a professional. Florists carry special products that will help extend the life of your flowers and have the proper cooler storage for all of your unique and special blooms so that they will last through out your wedding day.

Professional Florists are creative people. We love new trends and we find the best ways to make your wedding special for you and unique for your guests. Our experience and training in design and delivery makes your wedding day painless with no need for you, your family or your friends to worry about your flowers so you can all enjoy your day together. We set up everything at just the right time and there is nothing more important to us than making sure your flowers get to your wedding with no glitches.

Storing bouquets in our cooler

The subject of Home garden-grown flowers vs. professional farm-grown flowers is another blog that we will post in the future but for reference now there are many differences in the two.  Garden-grown flowers are often not given the care they need to survive long periods of time in all kinds of weather. Some of the most important points to mention is the hydration, storage and “hardening-off” process that is required for all flowers to perform their best. North Raleigh Florist buys flowers from professional farms and wholesalers who maintain the highest standards of growing, processing, storage and shipping fresh product. Our large network allows us to obtain safely many varieties not normally available in certain seasons. Our experience has taught us which varieties to not attempt during certain seasons as well as those out of season blooms we CAN promise for your special day.

Designing a gerber centerpiece

Cascade Bouquet







Did you know that churches and venues have certain rules and guide lines that must be followed when it comes to flowers and other rental items. We keep updated copies of rules and regulations of churches and venues so we know what we can sell to you and what we can’t.

Altar Piece

Call North Raleigh Florist and let us take care of your special day. Already have a Professional Florist? Please call THEM and let them do what they do best! You’ll be glad you did.

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Imagine today is your wedding day, and you have spent months planning a beautiful outdoor ceremony in a garden or park. Your heart is set on clear skies, green grass, and blooming flowers, but you wake up to gray skies and the distant sound of thunder. WRAL is predicting rain all. day. long. Do you have a plan B, or will you let your whole day be ruined by Mother Nature?

 Ask your Venue:

When selecting a venue, be sure to ask what the backup plan for rain is. Some places will have an indoor room separate from your reception area and originally ceremony location. You might have to make the call whether to move your ceremony inside early on in the day so be prepared to make that decision. If your venue doesn’t provide an indoor ceremony space, you might have to take matters into your own hands to prepare.

Indoor Wedding Venue

Reserve a Tent:

Why not reserve a tent from the very beginning? Plan to have your ceremony under a tent, rain or shine, and then if it does rain, you are covered. This option will also provide some shade from the sun and help keep your guests cooler if it is a warm, sunny day. If your reception is also outside, be sure to book a tent ahead of time to cover the reception area too. Another option is to have your ceremony in the reception area. Have all of your guests seated and arrange the tables in a way to create an aisle. Use the dance floor or another large space as the altar.

 Wedding Tent

Extra Décor:

You might also want to consider buying some extra décor in case you do have to move inside. Buy some candles to light the altar. If you end up not needed them, you can save them for your house or give them as gifts throughout the year. Also, items such as floral altarpieces you might consider for outside can easily be moved inside. Even if your outdoor location has beautiful flowering plants, altar pieces will not detract from the outdoor beauty, but will be a huge décor addition for an inside location.

Indoor Wedding Decorations

Mentally Prepare:

Prepare yourself for the possibility of a rain.  Having a plan B will make the day much less stressful in the event of rain or even snow. Find indoor picture locations that you like or consider using props such as beautiful umbrellas, parasols, or even rain boots for pictures. Having a good disposition and sense of humor will make for beautiful pictures. Also, if the rain stops, don’t be afraid to sneak out of your reception for a few minutes to take some pictures.

Bride and Groom

Remember, no matter if it is rain or shine, at the end of your wedding day you will still be married.

Fall Scenery

Fall is a wonderful time of year to have a wedding. The crisp cool air of the outdoors, the bright colors and foliage are just a few things that can add to the background. Rich and bold hues such as plums, burgundies, gold’s, amber’s and greens are very popular during the season. At North Raleigh Florist we love weddings and fall is our favorite.

Pomander Ball

Considering a non-traditional bouquet for your fall wedding? Try a pomander ball with fall colored roses. A mix of seasonal flowers and accents are also a popular choice for a different look: Flowers like Dahlias, Scabiosa Pods, Gloriosa Lilies, Cremones, and Millet just to name a few. Using distinctive autumn inspired flowers will add vibrance and richness to your wedding.

Fall Bouquet with Dried Pods

Thinking out of the box for your wedding accents can be fun. Try envisioning tall cylinder vases filled with cranberries or seasonal produce topped off with flowers in deep reds, sultry oranges and bright yellows.

Tall Fall Centerpiece

Looking for a smaller simpler arrangement? Pails are in; filled with the riches of the season it’s sure to be fun and festive.

Fall Pail Arrangements

Low centerpieces can make a grand statement too. Using your favorite color pallet of fall any low arrangement can be made to tailor your personal look.

Outdoor Rustic Centerpiece

Wheat Centerpieces

Long and Low Fall Gerber Centerpiece

Lastly with a fall wedding, make sure that you are taking full advantage of the surroundings at your venue. Do they have seasonal plantings? If so, have your florist coordinate this with other flower arrangements. This can save your flower budget for other areas you would like to enhance.

Fall Display

Contact the wedding consultant at North Raleigh Florist and she can help you bring your fall wedding alive.

Fall Decorations

Gladiolus are an ancient flower, grown since Roman times. The Latin word, Gladius means small sword, and of course you see can see the gladiator in that root also! Gladioli are a hardy plant, growing from arid coasts of Africa, as far north as Michigan. There are more hardy in temperate regions, and can overwinter in the ground. They are also the flower for August.

Purple Glads

Glad’s, as we refer to them at North Raleigh Florist, are a long lasting cut flower, sometimes up to two weeks in a vase on their own. 6-10 days is a good average vase life. Glad’s bloom from the bottom of the spike up, which makes for a very showy flower. The petal edges are frequently ruffled, giving the flower a fragile appearance, but they are really quite tough. They are available in a broad range of colors, from white, named White Rainier; pale yellow, King’s Gold; to chartreuse, Green St. Patrick; tangerine, Orange Sherbet; hot pink, Best Rose; dark red, Red Merlot; bright orange, Coppertone Bronze; lavender, Dynasty; to dark purple, Violetta, and many colors in between. With this color variety, the question isn’t whether to keep a vase of glad’s in the kitchen but what color to choose?? A classic, elegant display is a tall clear glass vase with 10, 20 even 30 stems showing off in a foyer or dining room.

Contemporary Glad Arrangement

Many people think of gladiolus as a sympathy flower, but with their broad color spectrum, they can be used for so much more. Call North Raleigh Florist this month, give us your color palette, and let’s see what gorgeous gladiola we can find for you, and that beautiful vase you got as a wedding gift, but never remember to fill with blooms!

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