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Getting married? Do you know that right questions to ask of your florist? Here at North Raleigh Florist we have a system that will help ease the pressures of ordering flowers for your wedding.

Simple Gerbera Daisy Hand-tied

First things first, have you selected your wedding color scheme? When you have your wedding color pallet selected it will be easier for your florist to select the flowers and colors that will best fit your selection. If you have been searching on websites for wedding color ideas, let your florist know which websites so that color matching is easier.

Second, let your floral designer know what types of flowers that you are interested in. Wedding themes and seasons can affect the style of your wedding flowers. Destination weddings have become more popular over the years. For instance, if you have a beach wedding it is likely that you might use tropical flowers (like orchids, ginger and birds of paradise) in your bouquets. Your floral consultant will be able to help you choose what flowers are the best for your setting.

Single Calla Lily Stem wrapped in ribbon

Third, it is imperative that we know the bridal party count for your wedding. Knowing the number of people we can coordinate with you affordable wedding flowers. Calla lilies are very popular for wedding flowers. Making a simple bouquet of 1-2 calla lilies can be a price conscious way to have the flowers that you want in a large bridal party. Orchids are also very popular but using them in a wedding can be expensive. The wedding consultant at North Raleigh Florist has several price cutting tips that allow you to use more orchids in your wedding.

For more information on questions you should be asking, please contact the staff at North Raleigh Florist.


Prom is the biggest event of the year, for some it is the last dance of their high school career and it is a time to share special moments and memories with friends. Prom is the one night that it’s ok to go all out wearing flashy dresses, jewelry and flowers. Newer trends in dresses and floral designs are at an all time high with floral pattern dresses, watercolor dresses, dramatic ball gowns, high and low hemline dresses, rhinestone in crested flowers, sequins, contemporary form design and so much more. That’s just the way we like it, with so many options everyone can be different. North Raleigh Florist’s award winning designers are exceptional in making contemporary and traditional pieces for your special night.

Orchid Corsage

Big color trends for 2011 are going to be bright bursting colors. Brilliant oranges, hot pinks, lime greens, electric blues and deep purples are this season’s hottest colors. There are many different flower choices from dendrobium and cymbidium orchids, to delphinium, hypericum berries, callas and spray roses.

Green Button Bout. with Blue Design Wire

Bling, bling and more bling are sparkling their way into our designs. Adding chunky and bold pieces into your corsage or floral pieces is the new bold trend. Rhinestones and pearls are a MUST accessory in a floral piece this year. For those who don’t want rhinestones or pearls, incorporate some shimmer by adding glitter.

Hair pieces, arm cuffs, head bands, necklaces and rings are also new alternatives to the standard wrist corsage. With these diverse pieces it is possible to achieve a different look than any other person while still being price conscious. Girls, come to North Raleigh Florist to handpick your bling, sparkles and jewelry for your custom corsage and have it waiting for your prom date to purchase.

White spray roses with white alstro and rhinestones

The staff at North Raleigh Florist is here to create your one-of-a kind piece for prom. Let us help make it your perfect day with the perfect piece selected just for you.

Calla and Monkey Tail

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