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There are many native plants and flowers of North Carolina. At North Raleigh Florist we try to keep a stock of fresh native plants and flowers from the coastal plains of the Outer Banks to the mountainous ranges of the Blue Ridge, there are several varieties. Some of these varieties are meant for outdoor planting and some can be used in every day arrangements, but all are beautiful.

There are over 4000 native plant species that grow in our state. Every region of our state has specific plants that fit the environment that they are in, but most commonly throughout North Carolina you will see cut flowers such as Solidago, Queen Anne’s Lace (used as filler flowers) and Hydrangeas (focal flower). Most commonly, these flowers can be found in green houses, fields, and other areas of the region (and of course, your local florist!).


The Blue Ridge Mountains has a variety of plants to offer. The geography of the mountains allows a variable climate and soil that is naturally abundant with minerals which allows growth of evergreens, maples, mountain laurels, rhododendrons and blueberries.

The Piedmont Area is best known for our Dogwoods that bloom normally during the first week of May but varies from year to year. Some of the more beautiful trees that grow in the piedmont area are the Redbud tree, and Azalea, both known for their vibrant and vivacious color in the springtime. Another truly vibrant plant includes the Forsythia (blooms in early March). The piedmont is also home to the spiked wild indigo, although it is rare and hard to find. The spiked wild indigo is the 2011 Wildflower of the year.

Wild Indigo

The Coastal Plain is home to an abundance of plant life. Hypericum Perforatum (not to be confused with hypericum berries) is commonly known as St Johns Wart which is a popular self-treatment for depression & anxiety. Hypericum grow in the dunes and sandy woods if the coastal plains during June-September. Jessamine is another abundant plant with its high-climbing evergreen vine it has very fragrant yellow tubular flower that blooms from late winter to early spring.

North Carolina has so many beautiful plant and cut flower options, let North Raleigh Florist help you find them.

Red Bud Tree


At North Raleigh Florist we sell not just flowers and plants but emotions, come with us to explore the meaning of flowers and let us help you understand the emotions behind the petals. “The language of flowers which is often called Florigraphy was a Victorian Era means of communication in which various flowers and floral arrangements were used to send coded messages, allowing individuals to express feelings which otherwise could not be spoken.”[1] Plants and flowers have also been known to have calming affects and other mental benefits.

Having flowers or plants in the work place have several benefits to your emotions and well being. For one, plants increase the quality of air in any environment that they are placed. It is commonly known that plants have an important role in producing oxygen and decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air along with their alluring appearance. Many test and studies have proved that having and keeping plants has a calming and reassuring affect and has also been known to increase productivity and creativity in the work place. There are many varieties of plants to chose from but why not try some of these: Bamboo whose meaning is longevity, strength and grace; Palm Trees for Success and victory; Philodendron plants that are symbolic of health; Cacti with its meaning of hidden treasure and endurance.

Wearing flowers also can change a person’s presence and demeanor. Flowers can be worn with corsages, bracelets, necklaces (lei’s) and hair pieces, along with many other options. Vibrant colors such as reds tend to add a boost of confidence to the wearer; it also draws the eyes of others to you. If bold colors aren’t for you try soft shades of greens, pinks, yellows or creams. It is sure to add a calming effect to you and your surroundings.

If you are thinking of sending your loved ones or friends flowers the dedicated staff at North Raleigh Florist can help you find the perfect flowers to match the meaning of your occasion. Want to send a flower that means beauty? Try Orchids, Calla Lilies or Hibiscus. Does someone need inspiration or a symbol of perseverance? Send Iris or hydrangeas. Let’s not forget about love and romance. For all you romantics the number one flower for love is roses.

Flowers have a special place in everyday life, from congratulations to just because to lift their spirits send your loved ones a special message from the heart.

As youth, we as women dream of the perfect wedding, we plan at a young age with high expectations of what our day should be.  Our budget doesn’t always fit our expectations, and like so many celebrity weddings the budget is absolutely out of reach for so many.  Many brides mimic celebrity style and trends so that they can bring a little of the high life glamour to their special day, the easiest way in doing this for most people is by creating an imitation of a celebrity’s wedding bouquet. Not all the stars have outrageous budgets on their wedding, some are even quite affordable for the average bride. Our hope here is that you can take ideas from stars like Gwen Stefani, Selma Hayek, Megan Fox and Alicia Keyes and build your own bouquet with the style of the rich and the famous.

Alicia Keys married Swizz Beatz on July 31, 2010 on the French Island of Corsica. Keys kept her bouquet simple by using purple & white callas. Calla lilies are normally associated with weddings, purity and rebirth. Keys picked the color purple which is commonly associated with faith, inspiration, creativity, grace, divinity and most commonly royalty. Prices with calla liles vary, ranging anywhere from $8.5-$14.50 a stem. Speak with North Raleigh Florists wedding coordinator Brandi Dennison with definite prices on any flowers that you may be looking for.


One of the most popular bouquets we have seen in Celebrity wedding trends is stephanotis bouquets. From A list celebrities like Selma Hayek who used white orchids and stephanotis to Ivanka Trump who had a bouquet of  stephanotis and white roses. Achieving this look will be a little bit harder on the wallet. The average price of stephanotis per stem is anywhere from $4 – $8 .  The look of stephanotis can be achieved with a filler flower called Bouvardia which is a budget friendly substitute for stephanotis.  Stephanotis is meant to symbolize marital happiness and luck.
New trends for the A list also include garden style bouquets. Actresses like Elizabeth Hurley and Rebecca Romjin, even  Former First Daughter Jenna Bush have used flowers such as lily of the valley,  ranunculus, lily grass, thistle, fern, scabiosa pods and other natural greens to adorn their bouquets. With natural alternatives there are so many looks a bride can use and keep cost low.
At North Raleigh Florist we treat all of our customers like A list Celebrities. Whether or not you use our florist  for your special day, make sure that the glamour you want shines through.

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Is bigger better? Not always. This is one of the common misconceptions of wedding planning. There are many things that you shouldn’t do while planning your wedding. Some of these things may be hard to avoid, but here are a few tips that might help.

A wedding reception should be a personal reflection of the bride and groom. While planning your wedding make sure that it is your personal style and what you want. Remember this is your special day; make it your vision. Don’t let others tell you what you want or make the decisions for you.

As you have a vision for your wedding, you should also have a set budget. Set a budget that fits your means and stay within that limit. Don’t go overboard. The average cost for wedding flowers is between $1,000 and $2,500, but set a price that is comfortable for you.

Don’t assume people know exactly what you want. When talking with the wedding consultants at North Raleigh Florist, make sure that you are telling us specifically what you are looking for, like colors & styles, and also be sure to let us know what you are not looking for. Our wedding consultants love coming into a consultation where the bride has ideas for them to build upon and help guide in your decisions. Bring magazine clippings and other photos if available.

Don’t have ideas or time? We have plenty for you, from our website and library of photos to our wedding consultants, who take the time to get to know you and make sure your flowers and décor reflect your personal style at your wedding.

When choosing a venue, don’t rush your decisions. Make sure the venue is the vision you have. In most instances, when rushed, you won’t be 100% satisfied with the product you select. When choosing flowers, make sure you are selecting what’s going to fit best in your venues’ space in style and size.

Whatever you decide, just remember this is your special day. Make it a day of celebration and a day to always remember.

Wherever you get your flowers, ask about other decor such as vases, candles, and  rental equipment. This will save you the time and trouble of running around securing last minute items. Wherever you choose to purchase your wedding flowers and décor, North Raleigh Florist hopes your day is beautiful and everything you want it to be.

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