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Nature has so much to offer us, from colors & textures, let nature add to your special day. Explore new trends in weddings by looking to nature’s beauty as your inspiration. From rich earthy tones to hues of blues, there is no better way to make your day a vision of peace and tranquility.

Incorporating nature in modern trends may be easier than you think, from the use of sheet moss to decorate your table tops to the tall long branches of curly willow with hanging tea lights to light up your reception space. These ideas are a great way to get away from the traditional designs of weddings and set a contemporary, cutting edge look at a great price.

Not having an outdoor wedding? Bring the elements inside. Try lily bowls filled with river rocks, bear grass and water to bring fashion forward zen style to your reception at a low cost. Use live plants to decorate the wedding ceremony and reception, not only will this have a natural look, but plants come in a variety of assortments such as bromeliads and split leaf philodendrons which will add a tropical look to the setting.

There are endless ways to incorporate nature into your wedding. Visit North Raleigh Florist for more ideas on natural modern wedding designs.