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How many people have had the following experience while walking through the “floral department” at the local grocery store?

Great Prices! $14.95 for a cello wrapped bouquet of mixed flowers. Every color you can imagine, red, purple orange, green, and brown. Yes, BROWN. Brown tips on the edges of the yellow lilies, and the edges of the white daisy petals had a similar tone. And…Oh My, the roses? Slimy wilted petals and sagging heads, a sure sign that these roses are very old. Pinpointing the problem is not always easy. These flowers could look bad for several reasons.

One of the primary reasons is that there is not a designated care taker.  They were bundled into those lovely and inviting display stands when they arrived 5 days ago and have not been tended to since.  They have sat in small amounts of luke warm water with lots of other flowers in balmy 72 degree air since they arrived.  This may sound great to you and me but flowers actually prefer to be chilled and kept separately from their brightly colored friends.  Professional florists know this and strive to keep flowers cooled, organized, well watered, and out of direct light to ensure you get the freshest product available.

When you leave the grocery store with your already slightly brown flowers how many days do they last?  Did they come with care instructions and a guarantee?  Can you return them if they die too early or the person you are giving them to is allergic?  These are all things that your professional neighborhood florist does as part of everyday business.  Florist  flowers are expected to be fresh for a minimum of 3-5 days and the care instructions provided with them will help them last even longer.  If there is a problem there is no haggling or questions, they are replaced without effort.

Also when was the last time you tried to call the grocery store to ask them a floral related question?  Were you even able to be transferred to the floral department?  Could they answer your question in a timely manner and have a custom made, fresh arrangement waiting for you to pick it up?

This is what the florist does every day of the year. Their knowledgeable professionals answer your questions and make up customized fresh arrangements that  are just what you ordered, no settling for what’s in the display rack.  Florists can also meet any budget, they don’t have to be expensive or extravagant to give you a good quality product.

After all of that, was $14.95 really such a great deal?

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